1. The World’s First and Most Innovative Formulation containing THREE types of Fucoidanextracts: Mozuku, Mekabu, and Fucus


Fucoidan is a polysaccharide extracted from brown seaweeds that is composed of several monosaccharides including fucose, xylose, galactose, sulfate ester groups and uronic acid. In more detail, depending on the type of brown seaweed, each Fucoidan has its own unique chemical structure.

Due to the differences between each Fucoidan’s chemical structure, the function or effectiveness will vary depending on which brown seaweed it is extracted from. Therefore, in general, a product containing a mixture of various types of Fucoidan will show more positive effects than a product using only one type of Fucoidan.

However, most Fucoidan products on the market generally use only one type of Fucoidan, while only a few brands provide products containing two types of Fucoidan. 

We are pleased to introduce you to our new product, NatureMedic® Fucoidan 3-Plus, which is the most innovative Fucoidan product because it incorporates a proprietary blend of Fucoidan extracted from Three Brown Seaweeds. Formulating three highly efficient types of Fucoidan: Mozuku, Mekabu, Fucus has never been introduced before. NatureMedic® proudly introduces this new innovative formulation that has been developed with the experience, commitment to quality to meet and exceed your expectations.

2. USDA Certified Organic Makabu and Fucus Fucoidan !


Since the 2011 Fukushima nuclear plant incident in Japan, many people are very sensitive and worried about the quality of the raw materials being taken from the sea. To meet this expectation, NatureMedic®Fucoidan 3-Plus is further reinforced with organic raw materials, Mekabu Fucoidan and Fucus Fucoidan which are USDA Certified extracts.

We are proud to provide these high quality ingredients which are also certified by FDA GRAS, Kosher, and Halal.


3. Provides Only High Purity Fucoidan!  

More recent research indicates that Fucoidan has been conducted on 85% of high-purity Fucoidan and the purity and efficacy of Fucoidan have a very important correlation. 

The three types of Fucoidan in NatureMedic® Fucoidan 3-Plus are 85% high-purity, which is incomparable with products containing 20-70% of low-purity Fucoidan extracts.


4. Contains a Great Amount of Fucoidan!

NatureMedic® Fucoidan 3-Plus contains high purity Fucoidan 50% more than other Fucoidan products on the market. It contains 40 grams of high-purity Fucoidan (250 mg/capsule x 160) in a bottle, so you can take a lot of high-purity Fucoidan in a convenient manner. If you compare the quantity with those of small quantities in the market, you'll know the difference right away.

5. Safe from Radiation and Heavy metals!

NatureMedic® Fucoidan 3-Plus uses fresh Mozuku Fucodian from Okinawa, and USDA organic certified Australian Mekabu and Fucus Fucoidan. 

Furthermore, the finished product is imported under strict quality inspection of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S Ministry of Agriculture (USDA). 

These high quality materials and strict import inspections ensure that NatureMedic®  Fucoidan 3-Plus is safe from radiation and heavy metals. 

In addition, we regularly conduct separate quality inspections for the final products at SGS (a 140-year-old global company in Geneva, Switzerland), which is the world's top quality assurance company. All the reports are open to the public that you can check the result of radiation and heavy metal tests on NatureMedic® Fucoidan 3-Plus.
6. Manufactured under Global Standards!


According to the standard of Japan's Ministry of Health and Welfare, and the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) of USA (cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices), NatureMedic® Fucoidan 3-Plus is manufactured by one of the best pharmaceutical factories in Japan. 

The factory is certified by GMP and NSF; It has HACCP and JAS Organic Certificate.