Published research on Fucoidan increased three fold between 2000 and 2010. These algal derived marine carbohydrate polymers present numerous valuable health benefits. The recent data on toxicology and uptake of Fucoidan is detailed together with a discussion on the comparative activities of fractions of Fucoidan from different sources.

 FucoidanSome scientists have reported the systematic isolation of Fucoidan from a number of different seaweeds. Fucoidan was recognized as having a role in the biology of the seaweed, and examined for its activity in a number of biological systems. Current research interest in Fucoidan is global. Research occurs in Australia, Japan, Korea, Russia and China in addition to Europe and the Americas. The following links will guide you to scientific databases where you will find numerous articles and studies on the health benefits of Fucoidan, as well as other information related to Fucoidan.


There are also further potential applications for Fucoidan products in complementary medicine and topical applications. Fucoidan is a high molecule extracted from brown seaweed; the essential safety factor of Fucoidan product therefore is cleanness of the oceans where the seaweeds are harvested. In addition, it is important to check if the Fucoidan product is manufactured under global standard such as GMP by FDA.


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